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A Guide To The Last Five Seasons Of IPL T20 (2016 – 2021)


We can’t wait to watch every match of the fourteenth edition of IPL T20 with intense attention as it returns to our televisions. It’s time to look back at all the amazing seasons this event has had in the past before the thrill and excitement return to the screens. Before the start of the fourteenth IPL season, let’s have a look stome important cricket web like indibet login.

The ninth edition (2016):

The ninth Indian Premier League (IPL) season began on April 9 and ran through May 29. The use of LED stumps in the IPL T20 was a first. Due to a betting and spot-fixing scam, the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were suspended for two years during this tournament. Thus, the Gujarat Lions and Rising Pune Supergiants were formed by the authorities to take their position.

In this edition, 6,65 wickets were taken, 18,862 runs were scored overall, and the average was 28.36 runs off 2269.4 overs. Thus, in the 120 innings that were played in the 60 matches of this year’s competition, the economy rate was 8.31.

The tenth edition (2017):

The tenth edition took place from April 5 and May 21, 2017, with a conclusion on May 21. Both the season’s opening and last games were held in Hyderabad. In the championship game this year, Mumbai Indians defeated Rising Pune Supergiant, earning their third title victory. They also succeeded in becoming the only IPL squad to do so.

The 2017 Indian Premier League saw 18,769 runs scored overall, 708 wickets taken, and an average of 26.50 runs from 2231.4 overs. Thus, in the 59 games of this year’s competition, 118 innings were played, resulting in an economy rate of 8.41. For this edition of the IPL, Sunrisers Hyderabad’s David Warner was the batsman with the highest score.

The eleventh edition (2018):

The tournament’s eleventh iteration took place from April 7–May 27. Two clubs, the Rajasthan Royals and the Chennai Super Kings, made their comeback following a two-year suspension for their roles in a 2013 betting case. Chennai Super Kings defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad in the decisive game, which took place in Mumbai, by eight wickets. Chennai became the second team to win three IPL championships with this victory.

In the Indian Premier League this year, 19,901 runs were scored overall with 730 wickets lost, translating to an average of 27.64 off 2301.1 overs. Over the course of 60 matches and 120 innings played, the economy rate was 8.64.

The twelfth edition (2019):

The IPL’s twelfth edition took place from March 23 to May 12. The nation’s general elections were taking place at this time. Consequently, the original concept to play the matches outside of India was abandoned. Mumbai Indians defeated Chennai Super Kings by one run to win the tournament’s fourth championship.

In the game, the players amassed 19,400 runs at a cost of 680 wickets; as a result, the average run rate off 2307.2 overs was 28.48. In the twelfth edition, the economy rate throughout 60 matches and 120 innings was 8.61.

The thirteenth edition (2020):

In actuality, this season was scheduled to begin on March 29, 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, it was postponed until April 15. The tournament was placed on indefinite suspension by the BCCI following the government’s announcement on April 14th that the current lockdown will last till May 3rd. Ultimately, the BCCI declared that the Indian Premier League would take place in the United Arab Emirates from September 19 to November 10, 2022.

In Dubai, Mumbai defeated Delhi Capitals by five wickets to win their sixth championship on this occasion. In this tournament, 667 wickets were claimed, 19,352 runs were scored overall, and the average was 28.97 runs off 2334.5 overs. In the 60 games of this year’s competition, 120 innings were played, resulting in an economy rate of 8.28.

The current edition of IPL (2021):

The IPL’s fourteenth edition was scheduled to conclude on May 30 after it began on April 9. But on May 4th, the competition was called off because of the nation’s COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous squad members were afflicted with the virus, and reports of bubble breaches were received from multiple camps.

The BCCI finally declared on June 7th that the matches will resume in the United Arab Emirates on September 19th. As of right now, the Delhi Capitals, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Mumbai Indians are the top four teams in the standings.

The final note

If you’ve read this far, maybe it’s enough to remind you of previous IPL seasons. So, are you prepared and eager to witness this edition’s matches?

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