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Combatting the menace of Ad fraud is paramount in the digital landscape

Apps Ad Fraud: Stealing an App Install after Install


It is getting harder and harder for publishers to make money from the trading game alone due to advertisers’ push for ever-higher KPIs and engagement checks for their App Install campaigns. As a backup plan, they may turn to Ad fraud.

Until recently, publishers could make money, meet KPI benchmarks for advertisers, and provide excellent quality content by engaging in Click Spamming, a fraudulent practice in which they would fraudulently fire thousands of fake clicks every day to capture organic traffic.

Recording the Installation After It’s Completed!

Tracking via attribution platforms is only activated upon installation and opening of an application. This is one of the limitations of the Android OS, which prevents an app from running right after installation. There is a brief window of time after an app is installed—naturally or artificially—and before the user opens it. Our standard research shows an average lag of 10 seconds between installing and using the app for the first time. Larger apps see a significant increase in this (since users usually start doing something else while the download is happening).

The CR%, a reliable indicator of click spam fraud, will no longer function because the mobile app fraud prevention publisher did not need to fire thousands of fictitious clicks to capture the installation. This will record both inorganic and organic installs, so the average quality of users will be obtained. Thus, the traditional markers of click-spam are no longer valid.

The extent of the fraud:

We calculate that Click Spamming defrauds $15 million in advertising expenditures annually in India. This is only an estimate based on the detection work we have completed for numerous clients.


About a month ago, mFilterIt discovered this fraud in the Indian market. As part of our Ad Fraud solution, mFilterIt, we can track and detect these frauds deterministically. With the help of this solution, many of our clients can avoid wasting thousands of dollars on unpaid, organic traffic or traffic captured in error. mFilterIt currently works with numerous top app advertisers nationwide and validates over one million installs daily. Our goal is to save our clients money on their advertising expenditures, which are being squandered on dishonest practices in the industry.

Please get in touch with us to learn more about this fraud and how we can help you avoid wasting thousands of dollars!

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