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Choose A Marketing Agency Hawaii And Run Your Brand Awareness Campaign


Running a brand awareness campaign is important for making your target audience familiar with your brand. How will consumers know about your brand when it is first launched in the market? However, this awareness is not just an individual metric. This concept has touched various KPIs, ranging from social shares to traffic. The best marketing agency Hawaii knows how to boost brand awareness with some simple strategies.

How does brand awareness increase your ROI?

A successful brand awareness campaign allows you to have a higher revenue.

More influence- A reputed brand can easily make partnerships. Other companies will feel interested in teaming up with influential organizations. You can also recruit better talents with your reputable brand.

More sales- Consumers like to purchase products from recognized brands. That is why there will be a boost in the sales rate.

Higher profits- Buyers are ready to pay a higher amount for purchasing branded items. So, your brand recognition lets you determine the price for your services or products.

Brand awareness- 3 main pillars-

  • Marketing your brand through non-paid and paid advertising campaigns to connect with the target audience.
  • Messaging to the audience to build a good value proposition
  • Nurturing the loyal customers with incentives and regular communication

How to implement the most effective strategies for brand awareness?

Reliable marketing companies in Hawaii choose some tried-and-tested strategies to spread brand awareness.

1. Make your brand more recognizable

The most significant aspects of a highly recognizable brand-

Your brand voice- The type of tone developed by your brand- Is it casual or formal? There is no need to maintain the same tone for every platform. A light-hearted tone is good while using social media to spread your brand voice.

Your brand aesthetic is another factor in developing your brand awareness.

The tagline and logo are related to your brand aesthetic and voice. Still, they can instantly represent your brand.

2. Narrate your brand story

Your brand voice is crucial while narrating your unique brand story. If you have a large business, the brand story should combine the history of its origin and its mission statement. So, the story should be a part of your awareness campaign.

3. Develop the most shareable content

Content creation is another factor for your brand awareness program. Professional marketers recommend creating share-worthy and interesting content. But, it is not easy to predict if your content will go viral. Still, you should make the content discoverable to your target readers.

4. Take advantage of influencer marketing

Recommendations from influencers and other people are powerful enough to gain the trust of potential customers. Thus, while promoting your brand to the right audience, you can contact influencers. Micro-influencers are best for small businesses that have a low budget. They can efficiently convince consumers to purchase your products or services. However, you may also start an affiliate program to increase sales. It will help you measure the influencer marketing’s effectiveness.

5. Invest in brand awareness ads in various campaigns

You can use different social networks to run the awareness campaign. However, it is important to analyze the term ‘awareness’ from the perspective of every social platform.

Meta thinks that the awareness goal is for brands that need to display ads to customers who are willing to recall them. Again, LinkedIn considers it as only a campaign for telling others about your services or products. 

Use branded infographics for sharing your knowledge

The main goal should be to engage more people and groups that have shown interest in your products or services. You may also provide free content that is highly valuable to viewers. Sometimes, a webinar with a logo is not helpful for brand awareness.

However, the best option for you is to design infographics on the chosen subjects. Good infographics will help you show your expertise to your target audience.

6. Let employees act as your brand ambassadors

Content that connects with readers on the human level is highly powerful. So, ask your employees to post content and make the optimal use of LinkedIn. If your branding elements are woven into their profiles, they will help you spread brand awareness on various social platforms.

7. Run a retargeting campaign

Your potential customers come across various brands while using social platforms. It may happen that your brand name slips their minds. Moreover, although some visitors have accessed your website, they have left it without buying anything. Setting up a retargeting campaign is the strategic step for promoting your brand to the lost visitors.

8. Start measuring your campaign

The main things that you should measure are the reach and impression. Reach means how many people have viewed your content. If the content is visible to more people, it increases brand recognition. 

Again, higher impressions mean people have checked your content several times.

You can use Hootsuite or other tools to measure these metrics.

Contact the best marketing agency Hawaii

To start your brand awareness program, you can consult the most reliable marketing agency Hawaii. This marketing company has certified professionals to create the most effective strategies for the campaign. Identify your goal and consult marketers to get assistance for digital marketing Honolulu.

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