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Why should homebuyers invest in Green rated residential societies

Investing in Green-Rated Residential Societies: A Sustainable Choice


Amidst global environmental concerns, homebuyers are increasingly drawn to green-rated societies that prioritize sustainable architecture and eco-conscious construction. Explore why ATS Infrastructure‘s green-certified projects, including Picturesque Reprieves, Knightsbridge, and Pristine Golf Villas, make for an ideal investment in the National Capital Region.

1. Environmental Consciousness in Real Estate

As the world grapples with environmental challenges, green-rated societies emerge as a sustainable solution. ATS Infrastructure, a renowned developer, champions eco-friendly construction methodologies, emphasizing the use of less polluting materials and prioritizing green spaces and renewable energy.

2. ATS Infrastructure’s Green-Rated Projects

ATS Infrastructure has been a pioneer in developing green-certified projects, aligning with the principles of Sustainable Architecture. Projects like Picturesque Reprieves, Knightsbridge, Pristine Golf Villas, and more showcase the company’s commitment to creating healthier living conditions.

ATS Picturesque Reprieves (Noida, Sector 152)

Situated in Sector 152 Noida, Picturesque Reprieves embraces Spanish architecture, offering green-facing 3 and 4-bedroom apartments. Its strategic location near major expressways, metro stations, and corporate hubs enhances its appeal, providing a perfect blend of aesthetic charm and connectivity.

ATS Knightsbridge (Noida, Sector 124)

Spread across 6 acres near Okhla Bird Sanctuary, ATS Knightsbridge stands out with its landscaped spaces, architectural finesse, and luxurious amenities. Designed by renowned architects, the project offers independent floor housing with facilities like a swimming pool, gymnasium, sports courts, and more.

ATS Pristine Golf Villas (Noida, Sector 150)

Promoting ‘Nature-Inspired Living,’ ATS Pristine Golf Villas features spacious villas with panoramic views, a basement home theatre, and a swimming pool. With earthquake-resistant construction and efficient security systems, ATS Pristine Golf Villas exemplifies a commitment to green and secure living.

3. Benefits of Green Homes

Green homes, endorsed by ATS Infrastructure, contribute to sustainability by judiciously using energy and resources. Studies show potential energy savings of 30% and water savings of 50%, making these residences environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

4. Quality and Luxury in Green Living

ATS Group Noida, known for construction excellence and on-time project delivery, ensures that its green-rated homes, including those in Greater Noida, embody quality and luxury. With meticulous attention to architectural details, these homes offer a superior living experience.

5. Unique Features of ATS Knightsbridge and Pristine Golf Villas

ATS Knightsbridge redefines luxury with features like a 30-seater mini theatre, business center, and high street shopping center. Meanwhile, ATS Pristine Golf Villas stand out with earthquake-resistant structures, imported marble flooring, and panoramic views from balconies.

Investing in green-rated residential societies not only aligns with environmental responsibility but also guarantees a superior and sustainable lifestyle. Discover the epitome of green living with ATS Infrastructure’s projects, where luxury meets eco-consciousness.

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