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Valentine's Day Crafts That Feature Flowers

Valentine’s Day Crafts That Feature Flowers


Valentine’s Day is all about love, and what better way to celebrate love than with flowers? Professionally designed arrangements make beautiful gifts, but flowers can also inspire creative Valentine’s Day crafts that come straight from the heart. These flower crafts add a homemade touch that means so much more than just buying a store-bought present.

Here are some fun DIY ideas to try on February 14. They also make great crafts to do with kids to teach them about the holiday. And remember, you can always put your finished craft in a vase alongside professionally done arrangements for bonus romance points!

Decorative Flower Arrangements

Turn fresh flowers from your local florist in Greenfield WI into stunning home decor. Simply grab a vase and create a colorful floral display to place on your dining room table or entryway console. For a coordinated look, opt for red, white, or pink blooms, and mix in Valentine’s themed embellishments like ribbons, lace, or heart-shaped confetti.

You can also make mini-flower arrangements in teacups, mason jars, or silverware. These whimsical creations make delightful table centerpieces or gifts. Adorn them with burlap, raffia, or colorful wire to complement the flowers.

Floral Wreaths

Wreaths are festive Valentine’s Day staples that allow you to highlight gorgeous greenery and blooms. Craft a wreath out of fresh roses or carnations secured with floral wire to a foam base. Then, embellish it with sprigs of baby’s breath, hypericum berries, eucalyptus leaves, and curly willow branches. Lean your creation against your front door or mount it on the wall for a lovely welcome piece.

For a natural look, you can also weave flexible branches into circular wreath forms and tuck in colorful rose buds and other seasonal flowers. Display these organic wreaths outdoors on gates, doors, or planters.

Decorative Floral Swags

Floral swags make a stunning alternative to Valentine’s Day decor and traditional wreaths. To craft one, start with a base of flexible vines, grapevines, or willow branches. Next, accent with fresh flowers like peonies, roses, or tulips and romantic embellishments like lace, ribbons, or fabric flower accents. Then, hang your swag on a mantel, window, or wall.

For a lightweight, budget-friendly option, you can create artificial floral swags too. Use faux roses, calla lilies, and other vivid blooms paired with feathery ferns and leafy greens to design an elegant swag perfect for indoor use. Drape it above your bed or couch for an eye-catching focal point.

Perfumed Flower Sachets

Scented sachets filled with fragrant dried flowers from your neighborhood Greenfield WI flower shop make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts and crafts. To create them, just sew together two pieces of fabric and fill the sachets with aromatic rose petals, lavender, jasmine, or your flower blend of choice. Finish them off by stitching colorful buttons, ribbons, or lace around the edges for decoration.

For a quick no-sew version, fill paper envelopes, cones, or small glassine bags with scented petals. Secure them closed with twine, raffia, or decorative washi tape. Then, tuck these aromatic sachets into drawers, closets, or lingerie to gently perfume linens. They also make great presents or wedding favors.

Pressed Flower Cards

Preserve flowers in homemade cards or frames for romantic pressed flower crafts. Start by placing your blooms between sheets of absorbent paper. Then, sandwich them between the pages of a heavy book, and let gravity press your petals flat for a few weeks. Once dried, apply these thin fragile flowers onto cardstock or into shadowbox frames using glue dots.

Roses, cosmos, carnations, and wildflowers like baby’s breath press beautifully. You can then pen heartfelt poems or love notes next to your floral designs to create sentimental Valentine’s Day cards and artwork for your sweetie.

The results are sure to put anyone in an affectionate mood! However, you choose to incorporate blooms, crafting with flowers is a wonderful way to celebrate love and romance. This Valentine’s Day, consider delighting someone special in your life with a homemade floral piece or arrangement courtesy of Romantic flower delivery in Greenfield WI from Grandpa Franks Flower Market – order today!

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