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AI at the Helm: Revolutionizing Live Action Video in 2024


These days, almost everyone is talking about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how it can help generate digital content. In fact, AI tools can even help produce videos that live action video services specialize in creating.

Moreover, we expect to see AI tools revolutionizing live or real-action video production in 2024. We have also dedicated this post to the same topic to help you realize AI potential for video production.

Before diving into our main topic, we want to discuss what exactly an AI video is.

AI Video – What Is It?

Unquestionably, AI has the power to change the world when it comes to the creation and consumption of content. Today, we can generate text, video, and more with AI. Another name for AI is generative or synthetic media, and AI videos are an example of this media. Now, the question is: What is an AI video? 

Put simply, AI video is a video type that we can create via computer while relying on AI-based tools. Still, AI to date has not yet advanced to aid in entire video production. The same holds for live or real action video, which involves real actors.

Nevertheless, AI can aid in the production of videos entailing live-action in various ways. We shall discuss it next to let you understand how AI will revolutionize live-action video production in 2024.

How Will AI Revolutionize Video Production in 2024 Entailing Live-Action?

We have earlier mentioned AI has not yet advanced to produce entire live-action videos. Still, this technology (tech) can make video production much faster, efficient, and creative. The same tech is going to revolutionize real (live) action video production in 2024 in various ways. We have discussed it below while taking into account three phases of video production, including, pre-production, production, and post-production.

Possible Roles of AI in the Live Action Video – Pre-Production Phase

Here are some possible roles related to the pre-production phase:

1.      Scriptwriting

Based on user prompts, AI tools can help create scripts. So, video production experts may take advantage of it in 2024 to create scripts for videos entailing live-action fast.

2.      Storyboarding

AI tools that exist today can transform text prompts into storyboards fast. For the same reason, we shall see video production experts exploiting AI for this purpose as well in 2024. 

3.      Virtual Location Scouting and Set Design

AI tools have the power to not only generate realistic 3D environments but also models. This ability of AI allows video producers to visualize scenes and plan shooting locations prior to video production. So, we shall see filmmakers capitalizing on AI tools for this purpose, too, in 2024.

4.      Casting and Character Generation

Another Way AI in the pre-production phase can prove beneficial is to help producers with casting and character generation. AI tools can suggest actors based on personality and physical traits after analyzing scripts. Moreover, they can even help create digital avatars. Therefore, we may see video makers using AI in 2024 to help them with casting and character generation.  

Roles of AI in the Live Action Video – Production Phase

These are some possible roles of AI during the production phase.

1.      Special Effects and Compositing

Generative AI can help video makers make additions and exclusions to live-action video footage. Furthermore, it can help video creators apply special effects to videos with enhanced accuracy based on data accuracy. Therefore, we may see AI revolutionizing videos entailing live-action in 2024 in this respect, too. 

2.      Green Screen and Motion

Up to now, you will have realized the power of AI to help with video production. However, there is still a lot more you need to know about AI revolutionizing video production entailing live-action in 2024. AI-powered tools cannot only analyze green screen footage for improvements but also ameliorate motion capture data to include in videos. 

3.      Lighting Adjustment and Color Balance

AI-based tools can also help video makers adjust lighting and colors in the videos they create. Besides, it can help cinematographers and editors save their time with video production.

Possible Roles of AI in the Post-Production Phase

The role of Artificial Intelligence is also involved in the post-production phase. Here are some possible cases:

1.      Automated Editing and Music Generation

AI-powered tools can automatically make edits to the video footage entailing live-action. In addition, they can even generate background music based on the video tone and setting. We may see video editors exploiting these functionalities of AI more in 2024. 

2.      Speech Editing and Translation

Generative AI can also help video makers in the post-production phase with voice-over lip-sync (synchronization), noise removal, and language translation. So, we may see them using AI for the same purpose in 2024.

3.      Generation of Subtitles and Captions

AI can also generate subtitles and captions for videos making them accessible to a global audience. Therefore, it is highly likely video makers will take advantage of this feature of AI in 2024 in post-production.

AI-Based Video Production – Limitations to Consider

Previously, we have mentioned how AI can aid in live-action video production in 2024. However, it is important to note that AI tools rely on human input to generate results. Put differently, they cannot produce results without human interaction.

Moreover, it is important for video makers to consider the ethics and law using AI-based videos (content). They should ensure transparency when using AI for the purpose and avoid misinformation.

Besides, animators are also using generative AI these days to create animated videos, in addition to live-action video makers. Furthermore, we shall see them using AI tools even more in 2024 to make video production more efficient.


Today, almost everyone is talking about AI as generative or synthetic media. Moreover, we can produce an AI video while relying on AI-powered tools. AI can aid in live-action video production, yet it cannot help produce an entire video. Nevertheless, it can help video makers in three phases of video production. AI can help with scriptwriting and storyboarding in the pre-production phase. Additionally, it can help video makers with light adjustment and color balance in the production phase. Further, AI can help video producers make quick edits to videos in the post-production phase. To wrap up, AI is going to revolutionize videos entailing live-action in 2024 with its numerous future features.

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