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Can You See Who Viewed Your VSCO Profile?


Just like any other app like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, VSCO is a social media application that works just the same. It is well known for its photo editing tool that you can use before uploading the pictures. You can have a private account so that you only share pictures with your loved ones. 

Can People See If You View Their VSCO

VSCO can be downloaded and used on both Android and iOS smartphones. The main focus of this app is to edit the pictures rather than to interact with new people and get to know them. Can you see who views your VSCO? The answer is NO but others will not know if you have checked their profile because the application doesn’t have a tracker that tracks who viewed our profile or not. VSCO doesn’t allow its users to like and comment on someone’s post. You can only follow them and reshare the posts they have shared without them knowing about it. You can share the pictures that you edited on other social media apps. 

VSCO Picture Editing Functions

You can edit your pictures just the way you like them, just select a picture that you wish to edit, and just use your editing skills to the way you like it. You can use so many tools that the app has to offer like contrast, exposure, color saturation, tone and so much more to choose from. Shadow tool is so unique as it can be used to show some craft and make your pictures look unique.

The main con of this app is that it’s free and not everyone can use its services for free. You can only get 10 free filters but after that, you have to pay 99 cents for every filter set you use. Every set is labeled with a different name so that you can choose and buy what you want. In all other applications like Instagram and Snapchat, users are provided with a built-in photo editing feature and you can use that for free but VSCO allows its users to show how pictures change your picture’s overall look. You can also find a bunch of free tools you can use like a cropping tool which helps you to adjust the picture as per your requirement and you can rotate your picture as well with the help of a rotation tool. 

You can edit and post your picture at VSCO and at the same time share them on other platforms too. VSCO has a social network feature where you can tag your loved ones who are connected with you and use some hashtags for fun. It has a location-sharing device which you can turn off as well. 


VSCO is a social media app that is well known for its picture editing feature you can also share your pictures with your loved ones and to make it more interesting you can use some hashtags too. The best thing about this app is that other people won’t be able to see if you have viewed their account. Through this article, the user might get to know about can people see if they view their VSCO

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