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How Does an MVP Benefit Your Mobile App Development Process

How Does an MVP Benefit Your Mobile App Development Process?


One of the first things people ponder when an app idea strikes is, “Will my idea even be successful?” The answer lies in your strategy, which is where a Minimum Viable Product comes in.

Behind every successful app is its humble beginning as a Minimum Viable Product or MVP. Building a basic app that captures the essence of the idea through its essential functions is a must, as these are the right steps to the right final product.

The market is highly competitive and progressing rapidly. You cannot leave the success of your app to chance, nor can you assume your idea is what customers have been waiting for all this time. An MVP will help you test the possibilities without the level of investment required for a full-fledged app.

Importance and Benefits of MVP in Mobile App Development

With knowledge of Minimum Viable Products comes the question of how exactly they are useful for those interested in building mobile apps. This can be answered by understanding the benefits of building an MVP before diving headlong into mobile app development services.

Preventing App Failure

This is the biggest reason behind building an MVP because nobody wants to spend too much on a product that will fail in the real world. Even if an idea sounds great on paper, an MVP development company can help you put it to the test. Experts agree that it is best to learn what customers actually want rather than what we think they may want. Following this makes a difference between success and failure. Apps fail to garner attention in the market because of several reasons.

  • Insufficient research regarding market needs
  • App not launched in time
  • Week Product core
  • Incorrect business model
  • Improper market strategy

An MVP built by an experienced mobile app development company can prevent these circumstances while saving time and money in the process.

Gaining Useful Feedback

Creating and launching an MVP is the best way to gain qualitative and quantitative feedback from actual users. You get it fast and without full-blown effort, so you can fix issues and refine your idea into an outstanding app. Feedback can be received from many sources through several metrics.

  • Number of sign-ups
  • Churn rate
  • User Engagement
  • Reviews
  • Active users (%)
  • Word of mouth
  • Client acquisition cost

Some parameters indicate good performance in terms of higher numbers. For instance, a greater percentage of active or paying users is a good sign. Metrics like churn rate, however, need to be as low as possible. A higher churn rate than expected indicates possible issues in retaining users, like design or feature-related problems.

Catching and Correcting Issues

The truth is, no developer can guarantee a bug-free launch regardless of their level of expertise. Therefore, focusing on fixing issues on time would be a better approach than trying to prevent them, which is practically impossible at any rate.

The goal should be to keep an eye out for negative feedback from the moment the MVP is launched. The sooner you eliminate critical issues, the better your chances to reduce subsequent bad reviews.

Resolving any problems proactively will also create a positive impression on the users, and it is less expensive early on while the app is still in its MVP stage. The cost to fix bugs increases multifold at later levels, at least a hundred times more in a full-fledged application.

Attracting Further Investments

Investors are cautious – they need to know if the final product is capable of giving returns on their investment. After all, there is no shortage of potential investments, most of which fall flat when it comes time to deliver.

MVP is the ideal way to give a glimpse of all that the final app could be. It will show the potential of your idea and whether there really is a need in the market for it. Solving a problem is not enough. The MVP app development services you invest in will show if the problem is big enough to require a solution that needs financing.


An MVP will help you gauge how many people are likely to use it and whether there is enough potential to invest in a large-scale project. It will also give you the chance to make any necessary adjustments to refine your idea and make sure it is viable.

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