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In Which Finger Should Male Wear the Panna Stone?


The captivating green hue of emeralds perfectly encapsulates the exquisite beauty of this gemstone. Also known as Panna stone in Hindi, emeralds hold significant importance in astrology and are associated with Mercury. Wearing this gem is believed to bestow numerous benefits, including good health, wealth, creativity, wisdom, and a harmonious marital life.

Origin and history of Panna Stone 

Emeralds are mined in various locations worldwide, including Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, South America, and Russia. The gem, referred to as Budh Mani, Parnaya, Markat, Margadam, Maha Markat, Nilu Pannu, Zumurrud, Parnaya, and Sauparnaya, serves as a symbol of truth, hope, and love.

Symbolic Meaning of Emeralds 

The vibrant green color of emeralds symbolizes new beginnings, vitality, and the arrival of spring. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, emerald stones enhance financial growth, foster passion, and contribute to intellectual advancement.

Emeralds symbolize various virtues and attributes, notably associated with renewal, growth, and vitality. As a gem of spring, their lush green hue signifies hope, rebirth, and fertility, echoing nature’s revitalizing energy. Renowned for fostering harmony and balance, emeralds also represent wisdom, intuition, and foresight. Embracing the heart chakra, emeralds encourage emotional healing, compassion, and understanding. Their enduring symbolism as a stone of truth and inspiration reinforces their reputation as a talisman for personal growth and prosperity.

Who should wear Panna Gemstone?

Before donning an emerald, seeking guidance from a certified astrologer is crucial. The positioning of Mercury in the astrological chart is a determining factor for wearing this gem. 

  • Creative professionals like fashion designers, painters, artists, musicians, and interior designers can benefit from the inspirational energies of emeralds.
  • The connection between emeralds and the planet Mercury extends to communication skills.
  • Leaders, public speakers, and orators can enhance their abilities by wearing this gemstone. 
  • These gems are advantageous for physicians, astrologers, and practitioners.
  •  Individuals born under zodiac signs such as Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius should wear Panna gemstones to harness their astrological benefits. 
  • In essence, Original emerald stone transcend their role as mere adornments, offering wearers a holistic spectrum of positive influences in various aspects of life.

How to Wear Panna Stone?

Optimal Day: Wednesday is considered the ideal day to wear emeralds.

Suitable Timing: The recommended time to wear emeralds is between 5-9 AM and 5-7 PM.

Ideal Finger: For men, the little finger of the right hand is the perfect placement. For women, the little finger of either the left or right hand is suitable.

Jewelry Form: Panna stone can be fashioned into rings or pendants.

Mantra: Chanting the mantra for the Mercury planet, “Om Aim Bum Buddhaye Namah,” is advised.

Carat Weight: The weight of the emerald should be 1/12th of the wearer’s body weight.

Activation Ritual: Before wearing emeralds, it’s essential to activate them to enhance their energy.

Purification and Energization Process: Immerse the emerald ring or pendant in raw milk and gangajal for 20-30 minutes. Afterward, wipe the jewelry with a clean cloth.

Wearing Panna, known as the green-hued Emerald gemstone, involves careful consideration to ensure its astrological and aesthetic benefits.

Here’s a guide on how to wear Panna:

  1. Choose the Right Emerald: Select an authentic and high-quality Panna gemstone, ideally certified by a reputed gemologist. Look for a vivid green color with good transparency and minimal inclusions.
  2. Astrological Significance: Panna’s association with the planet Mercury signifies intellect, communication, and wisdom. Astrologers frequently recommend it to individuals aiming for improvements in these domains.
  3. Metal and Setting: Typically, to maximize benefits, jewelers set Panna in gold or silver rings. Ensure they embed the gemstone to enable optimal skin contact for effectively harnessing its energies.
  4. Wear on the Correct Finger: Males typically wear Panna on the little finger (pinky) of their right hand, while females usually wear it on the little finger of their left hand. Some astrologers might suggest wearing it on the ring finger as well.
  5. Timing and Rituals: Choose an auspicious day and time recommended by an astrologer for wearing Panna. Before wearing, it’s customary to cleanse the gemstone with water or milk while chanting mantras for blessings.
  6. Regular Maintenance: Clean the Panna stone regularly with a soft brush and mild detergent to maintain its brilliance and clarity. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or sudden temperature changes.

Final Blessings:

Before wearing the emerald gem, offer flowers and burn incense sticks to infuse positive energies.

These steps are crucial to ensure that the emerald radiates energy effectively, providing the wearer with the full spectrum of benefits of this precious stone.

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