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Christmas markets

Some top recommendations for the best Christmas markets in the UK


Christmas is just a few days apart, and this is the time when Christmas markets will inject festive cheer into the atmosphere. With live music and carol singers, you will booze and feast on delectable street food that seems more tempting under glittering lights. Christmas markets have a lot of things to offer, more than your imagination. Exploring these markets will uplift the festive spirit.

It is home to festive gifts and scrumptious food. Therefore, if you are one of those who have to do last-minute shopping for Christmas celebrations, the Christmas market is the best place. This blog discusses some of the best Christmas markets. The best thing is that you can shop for everything at very affordable prices. However, you can take out Christmas loans with no credit check if you still need money to face the cash shortfall.

  • Winchester

If you want to experience the majestic view of twinkling lights and traditional wooden chalets selling a variety of gifts, do not forget to pay a visit to Winchester Cathedral’s Inner Close. This is the best place for savouring mince pies fresh from the oven.

You can enjoy a variety of stall foods. A large queue of stalls will let you taste different favours. Make your evening majestic by savouring food. If you are not keen on stalls, you can try some amazing offers at Mac Shack and Wild Garlic Catering. You can also listen to the melodic sounds of the cathedral’s choir in accompaniment to savouring.

  • Blenheim Palace

Nothing can be more magical than exploring a palace during the festive season. Submerged by tons of lights casting golden illumination across the surroundings, the palace will take your breath away. You will discover a sparkling wonderland.

It will host chalet-style stalls displaying a collection of Christmas treats, stocking fillers and Christmas treats. You will have a chance to try out craft vodka, several types of local cheese and a lot of gifts that you can buy for your loved ones and relatives. You can find all these items without shelling out money.

Apart from the food court, you will breathe in the majestic beauty of twinkling lights. Take a stroll along the illuminated trail that leads to a path to a tunnel through the incredible palace. Do not forget to explore the story of sleeping beauty.

  • Cardiff

This market is open until 23 December. If you are looking to buy some stuff or add more fun to your celebration, do not miss the chance. This market has been very popular, and its existence has been maintained for 30 years.

This market is particularly popular for stalls showcasing the original work of artists. You will find about 70 stalls there with more than 200 businesspeople selling a wide variety of goods. You can buy anything, whatever you want. You will undoubtedly have an excellent choice to make. Satiate your appetite with plenty of seasonal food and drinks. You can also check out stalls showcasing new products from new arrivals.

  • The Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market

This fabulous market is open until 24 December, so you have a few more days to plan and pay a visit there. Undoubtedly, a lot of things are there you can enjoy. You can savour a wide variety of foods, such as German beer and pretzels. If you are fond of live music, this market will fulfil your desire. You can listen to live bands and carol singers.

Do not forget to take a ride on a Ferris wheel. The whole evening will be great fun for you. A lot of exciting accommodations are there in case you are coming from afar and staying for a day or two to explore the market. The fair is so big that it cannot be viewed entirely in just a few hours.

  • York

York streets may seem to be prettier during the festive season. Make your Christmas memorable by visiting these streets that transform Parliament Street into a Christmas fairyland. Wooden chalets laden with illuminating lights will enhance the glory of the street. You will explore a vintage carousel and Shambles Market, where the party is held.

This is the perfect place to dive into a variety of food offerings from across the world. The market is too big. Indeed, it will take some time to complete the whole round around it. If you get exhausted, you can take a break and refresh yourself with a hot drink. You have a chance to visit the market until December 22. The last minute shopping is possible with York streets.

  • Southampton

This market is best for sustainable stocking fillers. It’s a good thing that this is open until Jan 2, so if you do not have time to explore markets before Christmas, you can plan your trip to this market after Christmas.

This Christmas market is different from others as the German-style festival inspires it. You will have a chance to dive into German beer and mulled wine to the accompaniment of live music. Bavarian musicians will perform music. The best thing about this market is it sells items, especially ornaments made with recycled materials.

The bottom line

Christmas celebration does not go bland this year. If you are fond of shopping, live music, and different types of food, you must not miss the chance to pay a visit to these markets. Most of the markets will be open only for a day or two. Well, if you cannot plan, do not worry, as some of the markets are open until the New Year. They might be far from your home so that you can rent accommodation. In case of a lack of funds, you can take out short-term loans from a direct lender with no credit check. These loans can help fund your small needs at once, but make sure that you do not struggle with payments. Compare interest rates before you take out these loans to choose the best deal.

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