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Top problems that candidates when taking the IELTS exam


Known for its profound excellence in assessing the candidate’s proficiency in the English language in a well-prepared structure, the IELTS exam has covered a long journey to becoming the best English proficiency assessment test. After observing the significance of the test, millions of candidates opt for the test. For sure, you are going to appear for the exam with profound prep. But even after preparing for the test well, many candidates face problems that hinder their performance. 

The basic purpose of this article is to illustrate the top problems that hinder the performance of the candidates. Get ready with us to learn the top problems faced by the candidates so that you can avoid them when taking the test. For sure, regular interaction with the sample papers will also aid you in observing all the problems to the core. If you don’t know how, then, don’t worry! The article will also tell you the importance of solving the IELTS sample papers. 

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Specific challenges that can impact their performance:

Read on the following problems that IELTS exam takers face when taking the exam. 

Time Management


Managing time excellently is a significant challenge that troubles many test takers. Many candidates, in the rush to attempt the exam quickly, often fail to adhere to perfect time management and eventually, this stops them from acing the exam. Sections like Reading and Writing demand a strong adherence to the perfect time management plans. To solve the problem of time management, you have to solve the IELTS sample papers in the exact scenario of the exam. You will be instructed to spare time to solve each question. Wrap up the first writing task in 20 minutes and the second one must be completed within 40 minutes. Furthermore, you also have to get an idea of further time distribution on your performance. 


Nervousness and Anxiety


Feeling nervous can hinder your performance. Especially, when you are taking the test for the first time directly. Yes, the sample papers help you adjust to the environment of the test. Therefore, it is insisted over and over that a candidate must solve the sample papers in order to improve their attitude to solve the papers. 


Lack of knowledge of pronunciation 


Many candidates often appear for the speaking and listening section with no profound knowledge of the pronunciation of the words. Eventually, this creates a problem for them and they fail to understand the words that are being spoken to them. 

Try to be aware of the pronunciation of the words in order to appear well for the sections. 


Limited Vocabulary


The knowledge of English vocabulary is of huge importance when you are targeting the highest IELTS band score. You need in the Writing and Speaking tasks to give impressive responses. Also, you need it to understand the paragraphs in the reading section. Thus, get some time to read diverse materials, learn synonyms, and incorporate new words into your regular conversation. 

Task Completion in Writing

In the Writing section, candidates find it quite difficult to wrap up the entire answer within the given word limit. Also, they need time to organize or plan what they are going to include in their answer in order to present it well. You have to practice regularly to wrap up the tasks within time and make sure to set aside a few seconds to have proper planning on how you will write your answer. 

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Facing these top problems is quite common when you are taking the IELTS exam. Make sure that you have practiced well and gained expertise in overcoming these problems. Yes, regular solving of the sample papers is going to work as a solution for you. 

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